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Thank you for taking the time to see what we have to offer. The Folsom Karate Academy prides itself in offering the very best in Martial Arts Instruction & Fitness coaching. Students at our school gain well rounded skills that include real life self-defense, kickboxing, grappling, and healthy living.

With strong training ethics, a focused martial arts regiment, and a family environment, our Academy is known in Folsom and El Dorado Hills as a place where people go to gain real skills and knowledge. Our school is owned and operated by one family, and almost every class is taught by the Owner and Master Instructor
Adam Hamlin.

As a trial program, we offer two weeks of free lessons without any obligations or purchases required. We have classes Monday through Saturday, and you will be able to attend at least four days a week. Our programs are affordable and family oriented. The links below on the left and right explain in full how to get involved in our martial arts community, and what to expect. We do not engage in sales pressure, so if you have any questions, feel free call (916) 365-3441, and we will answer any questions you may have.

Why the Folsom Karate Academy is your BEST CHOICE?

The Folsom Karate Academy is a family operated school. Every class is presided over by Adam Hamlin, the head instructor and owner. Skills, knowledge and passion pass directly to our students through direct training with the master instructor. This is the way martial arts was originally intended to be taught.

Having been heavily involved in the daily life of martial arts schools for most of his life, Mr. Hamlin has an unrivaled passion and skill for teaching martial arts and conducts every class with purpose and excellence.

Affordability and Terms

Trial Program: Two Free weeks of classes.This program is FREE with no obligations to continue.
Folsom Karate Academy programs are month to month. We do not require a financial comitment. Family life is most important to us, and we want our families to have as much flexability as possible.

Singe Person:
$99 per month
2nd Family Member:
$79 per month, $199 for household (anyone who lives in your houshold).
Six Month Matching Program:
If you feel more comfortable with the tuition of another martial arts school in Folsom or Eldorado Hills, for six months, we will match their price.

Household Membership: Everyone in your household.

No Hidden Fees:

The only other investments that you may encounter is a testing fee of $30 about three times per year depending
on the student. You may also wish to purchase training equipment after about six months. There are no association
dues, mandatory tournaments, required program upgrades, or hidden fees of any kind. 

Quality & Vision

The Head Instructors of the Folsom Karate Academy love everything No Description
about martial arts and wish to pass that on to others. They are not
concerned with multiple locations or flashy, impractical systems and methods.

What matters most is the development of their student's abilities through practical scientific no-frills training. They do not use words like "Respect", "Focus", "Mastery", as catch phrases. They believe in their true meanings, and carefully guide their students to achieve any goals they may have. Mentorship, constancy, and reality are attitudes that Folsom Karate Academy students have to look forward to.

Upon earning a Junior Black Belt or Certified Black Belt, Academy students absolutely know how to protect themselves from predators, bullies, & weapons using their minds first, then their bodies if necessary.                               Martial Arts for Children      Martial Arts for Adults    

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